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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Aaron Montgomery Memorial Vocational Scholarship Fund
Donate Alan L. Broyles Memorial Donor Advised Fund
Donate Albert "Bud" and Marilyn Montgomery Honorary Fund
Donate Alford Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Alice Ann Garner Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate All 4 Kids Endowment Fund
Donate Ameriana Insurance Agency, Inc. Named Fund
Donate Amy McKown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Annabelle M. Lee Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Archie and Hilda Frost Memorial Fund
Donate Archie's Promise Donor Advised Fund
Donate Art Association of Henry County Endowment Fund
Donate Barr Family Scholarship
Donate Basler Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Believe & Achieve Mentoring-B.A.M.
Donate Benjamin F. Williams, Jr. and Myra E. (Edwards) Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Bernice Jane Nichols Memorial Fund
Donate Bess M. Doty Memorial Scholarship
Donate Beverly and Duane Matthews Family Fund
Donate Blue River Valley Optimist Club Scholarship Fund
Donate Bob Bunton Memorial Wrestling Scholarship
Donate Bobby Goodwin Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Bonnie Peckinpaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Brady Reese Memorial Scholarship
Donate Breakfast Optimist Scholarship Fund
Donate Business Network Int'l- Debi Ware Scholarship Fund
Donate Business & Professional Women, Inc. of New Castle
Donate Butch Fairchild Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Campbell/Rea P.E.O. Chapter H Fund
Donate Cancer Society of Henry County Fund
Donate Cancer Society of Henry County Scholarship Fund
Donate Carl McClure Memorial Scholarship
Donate CASA: Community Kids Pass Through Fund
Donate Cecil and Wayne Tague Scholarship Fund
Donate Charlene Z. Perry/Catherine Winters Scholarship Fund
Donate Charles and Emma Willis Field of Interest Fund
Donate Charles and Phyllis States Endowment Fund
Donate Charles & Kathleen Painter Friends of the Spiceland Library Fund
Donate Charles V. and Ruth Sahlberg Family Endowment Fund
Donate Charlie & Bernice Popplewell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Charlotte McClurg Business Scholarship
Donate Cheryl and Montford Switzer Scholarship Fund
Donate Chief Brad Catron Memorial Fund
Donate Choose Henry Flex Fund
Donate Chris and Rebecca Gonya Family Fund
Donate Cindy Lou Watson Memorial Fund
Donate City of New Castle Downtown Renovation Pass Thru
Donate City of New Castle Scholarship Fund
Donate Clarence Everett Riley and Julia Marie Fadley Riley Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund
Donate Class of 1963 Named Fund
Donate Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund
Donate Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund
Donate Claudia Bland Scott Memorial Fund
Donate Clifford Joe and Violet M. Crane Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Collin McAtee Named Fund
Donate Company I, 152nd Infantry, 38th Division Endowment Fund
Donate Cora E. Foust Trust
Donate C. Severin and Mary Lee Buschmann Named Fund
Donate Curtis Marcum Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Dale and Margaret Peckinpaugh Named Fund
Donate Daniel Edington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Danielson Education Council, Inc.
Donate Danielson Education Council, Inc. Pass-Through Fund
Donate Danny Danielson Honorarium Named Fund
Donate Danny Shelton Memorial Fund
Donate David B. and Celia H. Burns Named Fund
Donate David C. Burns and Sheba F. Burns Named Fund
Donate Dean F. Hahn Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Deloris Jane Goodwin Billings Fund
Donate Dennis and Cathy Hamilton Named Fund
Donate Dennis and Lori Couch Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Derek Clark Scholarship Fund
Donate Detective Sergeant Jim & Libby Mastin Criminal Justice Scholarship
Donate Dick and Carolyn Riley Named Fund
Donate Discretionary-Catastrophic Fund
Donate Donald C. Danielson & Patricia Peterson Danielson Endowment Fund
Donate Donald E. and Martha L. (Sherman) McNeil Family Scholarship
Donate Donald L. & Almereen Lay Tower Scholarship Fund
Donate Donald Vivian, MD, Henry Co. Medical Society Scholarship Fund
Donate Don and Betty Geozeff Named Fund
Donate Donnie McCorkle Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund
Donate Don Willard Legend Scholarship
Donate Dora C. Wrin Fund
Donate Dorothy Wayman Pfenninger Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Anthony Triarsi Memorial Scholarship
Donate Dr. Arthur B. Burnett/H.C. Humane Society Trust
Donate Dr. Arthur B. Burnett/H.C. Memorial Hospital Trust
Donate Dr. Benjamin Harrison & Judge John H. Morris Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. David & Lydia Dickey
Donate Dr. Guido P. Wilhelm Scholarship
Donate Dr. James and Judy Myers 25th Anniversary Honorary Fund
Donate Dr. Larry Horney Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Lynn Bowers & Cassandra Bowers and Stuart & Joan Bowers Family Fund
Donate Dr. Mark Smith and Jan Smith Scholarship
Donate Dr. Richard and Sally Armstrong Donor Advised Fund
Donate Dr. William K. Saint Memorial Fund
Donate D. Ted Fitzgerald, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Donate Dunreith Community Named Fund
Donate Dye Contingent Fund for Mt. Summit Christian Church
Donate Earl and Bettye McMahon Henry County Youth Fund
Donate East Central Opportunities Inc. Fund
Donate Edith Smith Trust Fund
Donate Edna Wheeler Named Fund
Donate E. Dwain and Anna Ruth Brown Named Fund
Donate Edwin M. and Miriam Russell Family Fund
Donate Ellen Saint Woods Endowment Fund
Donate Elsie Kline Memorial Donor Advised Fund
Donate Eric EB Brown Memorial Fund for New Castle Skate Park
Donate Ernest G. and Bonnie B. Scotten Named Fund
Donate Eugene "Bud" and Nina McCall Scholarship Fund
Donate (Evening Kiwanis) Frank Solomon Memorial Endowment
Donate E. Wayne Swayzee Family Fund
Donate First Christian Church Pass Through Fund
Donate F. Kennett and Mary P. Broome for Town of Spiceland
Donate F. Kennett and Mary P. Broome Memorial Fund
Donate Francis and Marian Mundell Nursing Scholarship
Donate Frank C. & Lauretta R. McDonald Scholarship Fund
Donate Franklin John Schwegman and Judith A. Heavin-Schwegman Art Association of Henry County Fund
Donate Franklin John Schwegman and Judith A. Heavin-Schwegman Fund for Healthy Communities of Henry County for Trails
Donate Franklin John Schwegman and Judith A. Heavin-Schwegman Henry County Humane Society Fund
Donate Franklin John Schwegman and Judith A. Heavin-Schwegman Named Fund
Donate Fred E. & Catherine Brenneman Carpenter Fund
Donate Freeburg Family Sports Scholarship
Donate Friends of Bundy Pass Through Fund
Donate Friends of the City of New Castle Parks Fund
Donate Frost Framing Named Fund
Donate Galyen Family Named Fund
Donate Gary and Lana Merritt Endowment Fund
Donate Gary and Lana Merritt Scholarship Fund
Donate Gaylord "Doc" and Blanche Brinson Memorial Scholarship
Donate General Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate George Eugene Williams & Marilyn D. Williams Endowment Fund
Donate George S. and Rilla M. Denton Donor Advised Fund
Donate Gerald and Pat Malott Family Named Fund
Donate Gerald K. Hodson and Helen L. Hodson Endowment Fund
Donate Gerald W. & Susan K. Leonard and Family Fund
Donate Gertrude "Trudy" Joyner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Gladys M. Lee Memorial Fund
Donate Glen Mogle and Marietta Mogle Family Fund
Donate Glenn and Roberta Cunningham Honorarium Named Fund
Donate Glen Oaks Health Campus Named Fund
Donate Gordon Sparks Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate Grace and Charles Modlin Scholarship Fund
Donate Grandma Katie McClure Reading Endowment Fund
Donate Greg Geozeff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate G. William Bailey and Adaline C. Bailey Endowment
Donate Harold D. Huffman, Jr. Sports Pass Thru Scholarship
Donate Harold E. and Imogene L. Caine Memorial Fund
Donate Harriet Chambers Eden Fund In Memory of Walter Scott Chambers & Adaline Beam Chambers
Donate Harry A. Burke Sr Fund
Donate Harry and Mary Shaffer Memorial Fund
Donate Harry J. Bailey Endowment Fund
Donate Harry Sanders Endowment Fund
Donate HCCF Grants Committee Named Fund
Donate Healthy Communities of Henry County, Inc.
Donate Healthy Communities Pass Through Fund for Trails
Donate Helen Ellis Brown Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Donate Henrico Inc. Bennett House Endowment Fund
Donate Henry County Cemetery Commission
Donate Henry County College Success Coalition
Donate Henry County Expo Encouragement Fund
Donate Henry County Heart Society Endowment Fund
Donate Henry County Retired Teachers Advised Pass Through
Donate Henry County Retired Teachers/Reading Council Grant Fund
Donate Henry County Sheriff's Department Scholarship Fund
Donate Henry County United Fund
Donate Henry County YMCA
Donate Henry County YMCA Youth Activity Awards Fund
Donate Herb Bunch Honorarium Named Fund
Donate Herbert and Hallie Axe Scholarship Fund
Donate Herby Meredith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Higher Education Scholarship Fund for Children of Draper Employees
Donate Hilary Weimer Memorial Fund
Donate Hinsey-Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Historic Knightstown, Inc. Endowment Fund
Donate Hobart & Helen Risley Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Honey Creek Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Hoosier Gym Community Center of Knightstown, Inc. Endowment Fund
Donate Hoosier Gym Pass Thru
Donate Hoover-Cleveland Fund
Donate Howard Marshall Memorial Fund
Donate Hubie King III Scholarship
Donate Humane Society Endowment Fund
Donate Ida M. Bravard Scholarship Fund
Donate Ira F. and Martha H. Burr Family Fund
Donate Irene Bovender Wade Hunley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Irvin A. Fahr & Leona Fahr Scholarship Fund
Donate Ivy Tech Community College Henry County Pass Through Fund
Donate Jack and Kathy Anderson Endowment Fund
Donate Jack and Kathy Anderson Named Fund
Donate Jack E. Renner Vocational Scholarship Fund
Donate Jack Keith Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Donate Jackman Educational Trust
Donate James A. and Joy A. Robbins Scholarship Fund
Donate James and Carolyn Garvin Memorial Fund
Donate James and June Rohrback Designated Endowment
Donate James M. Wrin Memorial Named Fund
Donate Jameson A. and Janet E. Johnson McGrew Fund
Donate James W. Caldwell Family Memorial Fund
Donate Janet M. Koger Memorial Education Fund
Donate Janice Paige Hughes Scholarship Fund
Donate Jason "JJ" Griffith Memorial Fund
Donate J. Douglas and Myrna J. Reeves Donor Advised Pass-Through Fund
Donate Jean Bond Hough Foreign Exchange Student Endowment
Donate Jean E. Gordnier Becker Fund
Donate Jeep and Bette Freeburg Fund for First Presbyterian Church
Donate Jeep and Bette Freeburg Fund for Westminster
Donate Jeff and Judy Ray Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Jeff Carman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jerry and Ladona Cash Named Fund
Donate Jerry Schaeffer Honorarium Named Fund
Donate Jessica Hale Memorial-Henry Co. 4-H Scholarship
Donate Jessica Lynn Wantz Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund
Donate Jessy Lee McClure Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John A. Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John and Helen Dickey Scholarship Fund
Donate John and Helen Weaver Scholarship Fund
Donate Johnathan C. Strong Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John B. and Justine Luellen Memorial Fund/South Henry $
Donate John M. Jordan Scholarship
Donate John P. Cleveland and Janet L. Cleveland Scholarship Fund
Donate John R. Weaver Trust for Chicago Corner Christian Church
Donate Joseph J. Shapiro Trust Fund
Donate Joseph Russell Bimber Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Joseph White Scholarship Fund
Donate Josh, Jan, and Natalie Estelle Named Fund
Donate Juanita Jane Rucker Scholarship for Humanities
Donate Judge John H. Morris Scholarship Fund
Donate Judy Bravard Scholarship Fund
Donate Judy Trennepohl Scholarship Fund
Donate J. Warren and Nila Worl Fund
Donate Kelly Thompson Opportunity Fund
Donate Kennard Christian Church Scholarship Fund
Donate Kent Benson Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship
Donate Kevin Niles Memorial Fund
Donate Kilmer Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Kim Gibson Art Award Fund
Donate Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Donate Knightstown Pay It Forward Community Fund
Donate Knightstown Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Kyle and Christin Siewert Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Lacy/Walradth Advised Scholarship Fund
Donate Larry and Phyllis Williams Named Fund within the Choose Henry Flex Fund
Donate Larry McCord Memorial Fund
Donate LaVaughn Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Lea Rae Alexander Scholarship
Donate Lee and Virginia Fadely Designated Endowment
Donate Leonard Harris Mitchell Trust-H.C. Historical Society
Donate Letha Taylor Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Donate Levi's Legacy Wrestling Scholarship Fund
Donate L. G. and Esther Jacobs Endowment Fund
Donate Linda L. Newman Named Fund
Donate Linda L. Newman Scholarship Fund
Donate Linda Walls Memorial Scholarship
Donate Lois Wiggins Newman Fund
Donate Loretta Carlton Named Fund
Donate Lorraine N. Pierce Fund
Donate Luther and Marian Pidgeon Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Luther Pidgeon Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Magna Machine - Dick Culy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Malcolm K. and Sylvia J. Edwards Education Fund
Donate Marian H. Prior and Paul W. Prior Endowment Fund
Donate Marilyn Tomey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Mark and LaRue Myers Scholarship Fund
Donate Mark Clay Stamper Fund
Donate Mary Adelaide Long & Pierre "Pete" Long Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Eva Thornburg Trust Fund
Donate Mary G. Fuller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Lee Buschmann Fund-Henry County Humane Society
Donate Mary Louise Modlin Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Lovely Brumback Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Morris Summer Art Days Fund
Donate Mary Phyllis Hayes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Matthew E. Lee Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund
Donate Max and Gus Upchurch Named Fund
Donate Maxwell-Chrysler-Metaldyne Named Fund
Donate Memorial Wesleyan Church Fund in New Castle, Indiana
Donate Mental Health Association in Henry County
Donate Meridian Health Services Corp. Endowment Fund
Donate Middletown Civic Center Fund
Donate Middletown-Fall Creek Library Fund
Donate Middletown Historical Society Endowment Fund
Donate Middletown United Methodist Church
Donate Mike and Patty Broyles Fund
Donate Mildred Wiggins Bacon and George Wiggins Fund
Donate Miles M. & Alice N. Goodwin Endowment Fund
Donate Modernfold - Henry County Concert Series
Donate Natalie Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate NCAC - Opportunities Unlimited Pass Through Fund
Donate New Castle Babe Ruth Baseball League 1957 Fund
Donate New Castle Band Boosters Pass Through Fund
Donate New Castle Breakfast Optimist Looking Up with Pride Pass Through Fund
Donate New Castle Chrysler High School Class of 1982 Named Fund
Donate New Castle City Parks Pass Through Fund
Donate New Castle Class of 1958
Donate New Castle Class of 1960 Alumni Scholarship
Donate New Castle Class of 1968 Named Fund
Donate New Castle Class of 1971 Named Fund
Donate New Castle Class of 1974 Named Fund
Donate New Castle Class of 1986 Scholarship Fund
Donate New Castle Clinic, Inc. Endowed Fund
Donate New Castle Evening Kiwanis Club Endowment Fund for Youth
Donate New Castle-Henry County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Donate New Castle/Henry County Public Library Fund
Donate New Castle High School Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Fund
Donate New Castle High School Class of 1954 Scholarship Fund
Donate New Castle Homecoming Pass Through
Donate New Castle Noon Optimist Club Thelma Cluggish O'Reilly Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate New Castle Trojan Band and Guard Fund for the Arts
Donate Nine Star Connect Ray of Light Fund
Donate Norfleet Open Cancer Fund In Memory of Bill Shockley & Danny Justice
Donate O.B. and Bill Smith American Music Scholarship Fund
Donate O'C, Wanda Lee Sloan and Sons Family Fund
Donate Opportunities Unlimited Scholarship Fund
Donate Pap's Pocket Memorial Fund for Eldon "Eck" Huffman
Donate Parkview Family Dentistry, P.C. Scholarship
Donate Pascal E. Garner Endowment Fund
Donate Pass Thru Fund
Donate Patricia Peterson Danielson Honorarium Named Fund
Donate Patsy (Patti Jo) Sanders Named Fund
Donate Pattie Ellis Moore Fund
Donate Pauline Dickerson Fund
Donate Paul W. and Marian H. Prior Named Fund
Donate Penny Knotts Miller Memorial Fund
Donate P.E.O. Chapter AD
Donate Perfect Circle Credit Union Scholarship Fund
Donate Peter and Pamela DePrez
Donate "Petey's Playhouse" For the Love of Animals Endowment Fund
Donate Phil Estelle Memorial Named Fund
Donate Philip and Wilma Borders Named Fund
Donate Prairie Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept. Pass Thru Fund
Donate Preble Family Scholarship Endowment
Donate Prior Memory Garden Endowment Fund
Donate Purdue Opportunity Award Scholarship Program
Donate Queener Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Raintree Friends Housing, Inc Fund
Donate Raintree Habitat for Humanity of Henry County Fund
Donate Randy Brewster Special Needs Fund
Donate Ray Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Raymond E. & Hazel R. Stohler Family Fund
Donate Raymond Hess Family Fund
Donate Ray Pavy Spirit Scholarship Fund
Donate Ray White Scholarship Fund
Donate Red-tail Conservancy, Inc. Fund
Donate Reeves Foundation Scholarship
Donate Richard and Mary Lea Apple Named Fund
Donate Richard Myers and Bonnie Myers Donor Advised Fund
Donate Richard P. Franklin Charitable Fund
Donate Richard P. Jennings/Ind. Basketball Hall of Fame Scholarship
Donate Rick Penn Honorary Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert A. & Lucille S. Farmer Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert and Tina Provost Designated Fund
Donate Robert E. and Mildred T. Garner Fund
Donate Robert E. & Dottie B. Jones Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert E. Hoke and Sarah A. Hoke Family Fund
Donate Robert H. Jones Named Fund
Donate Robert & Jean Wisehart Designated Fund
Donate Robert Jones Honorary Named Fund
Donate Robert & Sally Howard Endowment Fund
Donate Robert Veach Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert Veach Scholarship Pass-Thru Fund
Donate Roger H. Hammer and Mary W. Hammer Named Fund
Donate Roger L. Burke Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Roy F. and Ima C. Wirth Named Fund
Donate Ruth and Charles Creech Family Fund
Donate Ruth Ann Millikan Youth Education Fund
Donate Ryan Lohrey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Sally Smiley Meredith Named Fund
Donate Sam and Stella Stout Memorial Forest Endowment Fund
Donate Sarah Marie Gould Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Scott and Doris Bouslog Family Fund
Donate Scott B. & Helen H. Chambers Gift of Nature Fund
Donate Scott Lewis "Gus" Larrison Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Second Harvest Food Bank of ECI, Inc. Endowment
Donate Seth A. and Amy J. K. Stevens Scholarship Fund
Donate Shaffer Picture Fund
Donate Sharp Twins Endowment Fund
Donate Shenandoah Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Fund
Donate Sheriff Butch and Rebecca Baker Family Fund
Donate Shore Family Fund for YMCA
Donate Silver Anniversary Endowment Fund for Operations
Donate Special Olympics Endowment Fund
Donate Spiceland Community Fund
Donate Spiceland Public Library
Donate Steve Jones Kids Fishing for Life
Donate Stigall Family Named Fund
Donate St. James Episcopal Church Endowment Fund
Donate Straughn Alumni Association Fund
Donate Strong Family Endowment Fund
Donate Sylvia J. Edwards Named Fund
Donate Sylvira Flanagan Koons Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate TASC Named Fund
Donate Taylor I. "Tim" Morris Fund
Donate The 11th Hour Community Impact Fund
Donate The Academy Place Capital Campaign Pass Through Fund
Donate The Academy Place Endowment Fund
Donate The Alan Beattey Named Fund
Donate The Bill and Ruth Hayworth Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate The Birds Eye Foods, Inc. (Brooks Foods) Scholarship Fund
Donate The Fairy Tale Theatre Endowment Fund
Donate The GEO Group, Inc. Named Fund
Donate The George W. Hand Fund for Education
Donate The Harry E. and Viola C. Fadely Fund
Donate The HCCF Board of Directors Named Fund
Donate The Kirk Saint Named Fund
Donate The New Castle Fieldhouse Pass-Through Fund
Donate The Philip Heilman Family Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Thomas and Valorie K. Ratcliff Named Fund
Donate Tiny Trojans Pre-K Pass Through Fund
Donate T. Leonard & Lillian T. Nelson Endowment Fund
Donate T. Michael Jackman Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Travis Sharrett Memorial Fund
Donate Trojan Lane First Impressions Pass Through Fund
Donate Trojans Remembered Fund
Donate Troy Blevins Memorial Scholarship
Donate True Family Fund
Donate Tyler Eugene Atkinson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Valentine, Adah and Martha Mendenhall Fund
Donate Vernon B. Hill Scholarship Fund
Donate VFW Gold Post Scholarship Fund
Donate Viva Campbell Trust
Donate Walker Family Named Fund
Donate Walter "Duke" Falck Memorial Fund
Donate Walter P. Chrysler High School Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund
Donate Weidert Family Fund
Donate Westminster Community Center
Donate Wilbur M. Coffin Memorial Fund
Donate Wilbur Wright Birthplace Preservation Society Fund
Donate Wilfong Girls' Basketball Award and Scholarship Fund
Donate William and Michelle Sponsler Donor Advised Fund
Donate William "Bill" Woods Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate William E. Jones Memorial Trust
Donate William G. and Jane A. Baker Named Fund
Donate William L. and Dorothy S. Vaughan Endowment Fund
Donate William R. & Marceline Heck Family Fund
Donate William T. and Suzanne Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Witham Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Wm. F. Byrket Scholarship Fund
Donate Women's Circle of Friends for Women
Donate Women's Circle of Friends Pass Thru
Donate Wylie and Ann McGlothlin Named Fund
Donate Wylie G. & J. Ann McGlothlin Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Young Life of Henry County Fund